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Adopt A Child

Help children grow with regular supply of right quantity & quality of food. At ₹2500 / child / year you can adopt a child by contributing towards quality food grains for the child’s meals for the entire year.

We source quality food grains and distribute them at needy institutions at regular intervals. Institutions which provide shelter to growing children receive the support from Chennai Food Bank. Regular checks & quality assessment ensures the institutions maintain quality standards and provide a minimum 2 meals a day for the deserving children who seek shelter in their homes.

95.1 million children have been deprived of midday meals during the pandemic, adding to the child malnutrition load. Join this mission and provide monthly nutrition to ensure poor children are not malnourished.


Adopt A Child


2500 / child / year


Adopt A Child


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Providing adequate quality food can help solve the problem of malnutrition

Child malnutrition is a chronic problem and a longstanding challenge for the public administration of India. The first National Family Health Survey (NFHS) in 1992-1993 found that India was one of the worst performing countries on child health indicators. The survey reported that more than half the children under four were underweight and stunted. One in every six children was excessively thin (wasted). All these conditions could be attributed to the prevalence of chronic malnutrition in children. Despite decades of investment to tackle this malaise, India’s child malnutrition rates are still one of the most alarming in the world. 

The bane of child and maternal malnutrition is responsible for 15 per cent of India’s total disease burden.

The crisis of child malnutrition in India has often been attributed to historical antecedents such as poverty, inequality and food shortage. However, countries with similar historical and societal makeup and comparable per capita income have fared much better.

Freedom is meaningless if you cannot put food in their stomachs.


Your timely help will help us work towards a hunger free world

Growing levels of food insecurity have pernicious long-term effects on health outcomes of children in India. The United Nations World Food Programme states that malnourishment has an intergenerational impact. Mothers who are undernourished are more likely to give birth to children who are stunted or underweight.

Not just this, adequate nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life is a crucial window for the child’s health determining their entire lifespan. So, when access to a minimum adequate diet is not met, it has a disproportionate immediate effect on the nutrition of the most vulnerable.

Help us reach out to as many children and provide them with a minimum 2 meals a day with adequate nutrition and access to quality food every day.