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    This Answers to All Your Questions

    All you want to know about RYA Madras Metro Trust & Chennai Food Bank program.

    Who runs Chennai Food Bank (CFB)?

    The Chennai Food Bank is a project of RYA Madras Metro Trust. It is an ISO certified organisation managed by a 14-member committee. Every two years, five members retire by rotation and give way to new members. The President, Secretary, Vice President and Project Chairman of RYA Metro are Additional Trustees are elected every year. The project also has an Advisory Committee to offer counsel and promote foodbanking throughout the country. Eminent personalities, industrialists, technocrats and representatives of affiliated organisations constitute the Advisory Committee.

    How was Chennai Food Bank started?

    Chennai Food Bank was founded in 1993 by Chennai philanthropist group Rajasthan Youth Association Madras through it's NGO RYA Madras Metro Trust initiated by Shri. G.D. Ranka, who was inspired by the work of ‘Sydney Food Bank’. He was motivated by Mr. Charles Scarf of Sydney Food Bank in Australia. It was operated at his own premises and all expenses paid for, for the first 5 years by Mr. G.D. Ranka until 1998 when Chennai Food Bank got it's own permanent address in T. Nagar, Chennai. The 10th year of Chennai Food Bank took another giant leap by forming & promoting Food Bank Foundation of India, Chennai which was established in 2003 as the national coordinator of the activities of the various state bodies. 

    What does CFB aim to achieve?

    We aim to achieve a hunger free world by providing food grains to the needy institutions, supporting NGO's to reach out to more needy people, helping the needy individuals & society during natural calamities by supplying food and by promoting foodbanking as a mass movement.

    How does Chennai Foodbank work?

    The RYA Madras Metro Trust motivates and promotes food banking across cities in India apart from regularly supporting over 100 institutions annually with regular supplies of food grains. In times of natural calamity anywhere in the country, Chennai Food Bank with the help of members, volunteers, Government organisations, partner NGO's pool their resources and contribute effectively for the cause. Members of RYA Metro, local donors contribute fresh food grains to Chennai Food Bank for distribution. Donors from across India & overseas contribute to the Chennai Food Bank activities and best quality grains are sourced for constant supply to needy institutions which house the lesser privileged.

    How does a company / individual become a donor?

    We invite organisations to make contribution to the community by donating goods, products and services. We welcome you to join the movement by contributing to any of our schemes.

    How do I know about latest news & events?

    Subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates & news. Follow us on social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube @ChennaiFoodBank

    How can my organisation become a corporate supplier?

    We invite organisations to make contribution to the community by donating goods, products and services. We welcome you to join the movement by contributing to any of our schemes and becoming our long term partner. When you Adopt An Institution, we provide a name board at the institution with your company branding and mention your company name as corporate donor at our registered office in Chennai.

    How does my company become a food donor?

    Corporates can make a corporate donation for the corpus, or Adopt An Institution, or even donate good quality grains regularly to Chennai Food Bank which can be distributed to the needy institutions on a regular basis.

    How do I make a personal donation?

    Individuals can make a donation for various schemes online, through check, or through cash directly to our office. All donations made to RYA Madras Metro Trust - Chennai Food Bank are exempt u/s 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.

    How can I become a volunteer?

    Chennai Food Bank invites dedicated individuals who dedicate their time to help us in collection, storage, packing and distribution of grains at T. Nagar, Chennai office. During Natural Calamities too, volunteers can connect with us to extend help to the needy. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media @ChennaiFoodBank or contact us at our Chennai Office for regular updates and volunteering opportunities.

    How can I establish a permanent legacy?

    Donate towards the corpus fund of Chennai Food Bank or Adopt An Institution and become a long term donor where your organisation can be recognised for the contribution by a mention in the wall of fame at our corporate office in T. Nagar, Chennai.

    Who are the beneficiaries of CFB donations?

    The needy in our society, the homeless, the deprived and the lesser privileged people who take shelter in institutions. Chennai Food Bank coordinates the collection of food grains &procures the same through funds raised distributes to over 100+ welfare and charitable institutions in and around Chennai. The corporates /individuals donating food also benefit. All monetary donations made to RYA Madras Metro Trust - Chennai Food Bank are exempt u/s 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.

    How many organisations does CFB support?

    Chennai Food Bank supported 100+ needy institutions every year which range from small to mid sized to large institutions. A stringent on boarding process and regular audit ensures the institutions selected are thereal needy ones.

    How can my charity work with CFB?

    If you would like to partner us, mail us at [email protected] and if you want to be a beneficiary institution, register for the CFB Beneficiary Program. On receipt of your details, Chennai Food Bank will evaluate the proposal on case to case basis.

    Who is the final beneficiary?

    We support institutions which provide shelter to the needy and lesser privileged. Our processes ensure the food grains reach the real and genuine needy and deserving people.

    Who are the biggest donor companies?

    Chennai Food Bank is thankful to all corporates & individuals who have been contributing year after year and have become our long term donors. With their support we have managed to serve over 40 million meals to the needy since 1993.

    How can one person make a difference?

    A small sum of ₹2000 can feed 2 meals a day for a needy child for a year. This works out to be ₹5.5 for a day and ₹2.75 / child / meal. This small contribution can go a long way in ensuring the child gets a healthy diet and gets 2 meals a day guaranteed.

    Why donate to CFB instead of other charities?

    We are an ISO certified organisation with stringent process and checks and ensure every rupee is spent for the cause - a hunger free world. Stringent process for onboarding institutions and monthly audits ensure the institutions do not misuse the food grains in any way and the needy inmates are benefited.

    We have a wide network of institutions whom we support annually. We support over 100+ needy institutions every year.

    RYA Madras Metro Trust has its owned office premise and distribution centre apart from vehicles for collection & distribution across Chennai.

    All donations made to RYA Madras Metro Trust - Chennai Food Bank are exempt u/s 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.

    How does CFB support the environment?

    Chennai Food Bank collects food grains in reusable containers and distributes to the needy institutions in reusable bags, thus reducing the impact of wastage on the environment.

    What is the quantity food grains donated each year?

    Chennai Food Bank has till date served meals to over 40 million needy since 1993.

    What is the profit for CFB?

    Chennai Food Bank is a Non Profit Organisation. All funds raised are used for sourcing quality grains for the needy institutions, supplying food during natural calamities and supporting the needy in general. Only administrative expenses are incurred towards salaries, transport of goods, administration expenses and maintenance of the premise of the corporate office in T. Nagar, Chennai. The Trustees of RYA Madras Metro Trust & RYA Metro contribute towards Chennai Food Bank every year as part of their subscription in addition to various funds raised from them internally for various projects and events.

    What are CFB's administrative costs?

    Chennai Food Bank operates from a modern 1,500 square feet corporate office cum warehouse and management office. This is currently operated 6 full-time staff. Owned delivery vans and containers and storage drums, weighing scale and office equipment are the major capital equipment requiring maintenance. Hence the annual administrative expenses are minimal and account for a very small proportion of total annual donations.

    Does CFB get government support?

    All donations made to RYA Madras Metro Trust - Chennai Food Bank are exempt u/s 80G of Indian Income Tax Act. During Natural Calamities, mega events the Government & Government institutions extend support to the selfless work we undertake at Chennai Food Bank. Chennai Food Bank brings pride to the local governmental authorities with the quality of work and reach in times of need. 

    Why does CFB exclude individual donations?

    Identifying needy individual recipients, supporting them annually, keeping a track of their location is a challenging task. Chennai Food Bank believes in a scalable and sustainable way of supporting the needy by supporting the deserving institutions which provide shelter and support to the lesser privileged. With this, the accountability is measurable and the impact is far more than reaching out to individuals whose genuine need may be questionable.

    How can I get involved?

    We have been selflessly serving the needy since 1993, providing food grains to the needy institutions. Join us in our Mission to serve the needy with a vision of Working for a Hunger Free World. We extend our invitation to you and members of your organisation to visit us personally and have an insight on our activities. It will be our honour to have you amidst us on any Friday during our distribution. We would be glad to provide you more information that you require in this regard. Connect with our team at our registered office:

    12, Saravana Street, T. Nagar, Chennai - 600017

    You can donate towards various schemes with monetary support - All donations made to RYA Madras Metro Trust - Chennai Food Bank are exempt u/s 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.

    How can I register my Institution as a beneficiary?

    Fill up the beneficiary registration form and share all relevant information. Chennai Food Bank team would review the application and intimate if the Institution qualifies as a beneficiary. The form is only an application and submission of the form does not guarantee support from Chennai Food Bank unless it meets all the stringent norms to on board as a beneficiary.